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·Feb 27, 2021·

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It's quite a bad experience when working with quickfix window, I guess because back in the old days, the screen was small, so putting the quickfix below by default was a good decision, but we have wide screens nowadays, so let's move the quickfix to the right side.

First note the :set splitright does not apply to quickfix. It only splits the current window into the right, not the quickfix.

Then I found out that we can move the quickfix window with the sequence ctrl-w + shift-l, and it is equivalent with wincmd L

Let's write some vimscript :D

Add those lines into your .vimrc:

function! <SID>MoveQuickFixRight()
    " Move the window to the right, remember, L is shift-l.
    " So in case of left, it will be shift-h or H.
    wincmd L

    " By default, it divines the window into half,
    " make it too wide, so we reduce it
    vertical resize 40


Then execute it with auto-command:

augroup MoveQuickFixRight
    autocmd FileType qf call <SID>MoveQuickFixRight()
augroup end

Result <3

open quickfix on the right side

Now, open your quickfix and voila, it is on the right side of your current window :D

Happy vimming!

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