My two cents opinion in hooks organising

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Sang Dang

Published on Mar 15, 2021

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After doing with couple of medium/big projects, I would like to share a little comment on hooks organising.

In my project, usually I try to import as much as possible the hooks from 3rd parties and my custom hooks in one place, so in the future, when any of them upgrade/change, it's easier for me to refactor.

Says, I have a place like this:

// my-project/lib/helpers.ts
export { useQuery, useMutation } from '@apollo/client';
export { default as useFoo } from 'foo-project';
export * from '../myCustomHooks';

After that, in 999+ places in my project, I simply get them by :

import { ...something I need } from 'lib/helpers';

If at anytime the Apollo changed their package name or you want to do your own useFoo, you can simply go to only one place and reference it to the new destination. Not going to find and do it in 999+ places.

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